Little Italy… but in the Bronx per favore!

Today I’ve walked on G. Washington Bridge over the Harlem River to get to the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. It is really not far away from where I am staying here in NYC and I was curious to finally cross this Bridge which I can see every Morning since I’m arrived. I wasn’t sure where to go first because the Heat was so unbearable that it would have dissuaded you from anything but finding some cool Place, even if it was an insignificant Supermarket. But I wanted to find an interesting Point of View to draw of course and I knew that if I could get to Little Italy in the North-East of the Bronx, I would be able to. I didn’t know exactly how does it look like but I trusted my Feeling. And after a train and a bus ride (good to know: it’s longer to walk than the B or D train but you can see the area from the Line 4) I arrived in this tiny and welcoming little Neighborhood where I almost bumped into my dear Tony Soprano (from The Sopranos Serie)… I sat at the Terrace of a café which had the best angle for my Drawing and it happened it was one of the best Pascticerria from Little Italy : De Lillo! I recommend you the Canoli, the Coffee of course and the huge Ice-cream (I had mango/stracciatella, np matter if this does not go well usually!). The Full Moon Pizza has also one of the biggest and tasty Slices of Pizza I’ve ever eaten in a while… Yummy!!

It’s a shame I couldn’t go to the Botanical Garden (the Weather was stormy) but it’s definitely a Place to go in this area.


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