Chinatown on my Mind


J’étais partie pour faire Brooklyn et je me suis arrêtée en chemin à Chinatown…!! Les perspectives de rues sont quand même super intéressantes même si précisément à cet endroit j’ai rarement entendu autant de bruit !! (le métro passe au-dessus sur le Manhattan Bridge..!!) j’ai certainement dû perdre quelques décibels…

Underground Drawings


I stay in the North of Manhattan (Central Harlem) and I got used to take a lot the Subway during my different explorations of the City. Yesterday (the 28th of June) I’ve finished a Sketchbook dedicated to the NYC Underground… Here are some Drawings of this (important) Part of my Journey. These Drawings and others from Paris, […]

Afternoon at the New Whitney Museum


Such a wonderful new Museum for contemporary Art and Soul… Renzo Piano designed an open and spacious Place full of light, where one can enjoy walking around 20th and 21th Century Paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations in front of the Hudson Bay or Chelsea. This drawing was made from the 8th Floor on the amazing Terrace […]

On Top of the Rock


Today I went to the Rockefeller Center to climb on one of the greatest Skyscrapper of NYC : “The Top of the Rock”. The view over there is even better than what I’ve imagined before… I couldn’t help watching and drawing it for hours this incredible Skyline… Aujourd’hui j’ai passé une partie de la journée […]

On the Rooftop of the Wythe Hotel


Thursday Night, thanks to Susu, I’ve discovered an amazing Rooftop: The Ides at Wythe Hotel. There you can drink a Cocktail or a Brooklyn Lager (the Brewery is just at the corner), looking at the Skyline of Manhattan or Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Jeudi soir au bar de The Ides du Wythe Hotel un magnifique Rooftop découvert grâce à Susu. Ou comment siroter […]